I am a born Daydreamer. Growing up an avid reader helped spur my imagination. From Theatre to design, it has always been my dream to create. Whether in my hobbies or my professional life, I have incorporated my creativity into all I do. A former Drama Therapist turned Investigative Designer, I explore ways to weave stories and visual connections into my designs bringing them to life.


I continue to develop my skills in four main areas: branding, motion design, graphic design, and coding. With a background in Psychology, research is imperative. Feeding my naturally inquisitive nature, I love to identify new methods and explore unique approaches for projects.
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  • Logo & Identity
  • Messaging
  • Strategy
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Motion Design

  • Animation
  • Data Visualizations
  • Nonlinear Video Editing
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Graphic Design

  • Layout
  • Print Design
  • Typography
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  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Webflow

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