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An Innovative Social Dining Experience

BoxPark Sushi is a fictional client project that involved developing a sushi restaurant concept housed inside a shipping container, located in East Side Milwaukee. The project aimed to create a genuine sushi experience that connects diverse cultures and people in the area while combining elements of traditional, minimalistic Japanese culture and Abstract Expressionism in the dining experience. The media package included a design for a sign, pole banners, and a bumper sticker/magnet.

The brand strategy for BoxPark Sushi was finalized after 51 respondents, ranging from 25-34 years old, commented on the initial questionnaire. The response was positive, with 59% identifying they would likely try BoxPark Sushi based on the main door sign and pole banners alone. The color palette was described as interesting, eccentric, upbeat, and friendly. The assets were rated favorably, with 90% of respondents identifying that an app would encourage them to try BoxPark Sushi and 88% identifying the carryout box and bag as motivation to research BoxPark Sushi. Cumulatively, 92% of respondents believe the logo, assets, and brand personality were cohesive throughout the guide.

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Restaurant Concept

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